Porsche Drive: 15 Passes in 4 Days

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A well stocked library of books will always beat a well stocked library of eBooks, and there is one collection you must have if you’re an automotive enthusiast: pretty much anything from Stefan Bogner’s series.

This edition, Porsche Drive: 15 Passes in 4 Days; Switzerland, Italy, Austria has been in the collection for a short time but I just had to share.

One look at the well designed cover and choice of stock tells you these books are meant to last and have a presence on shelf. A wonderful woven feel to the cover gives way to a matte stock which feels just right.

Turning each page inspires a sense of adventure and triggers the ‘Get out and drive’ motto, as well as our own ‘No low milers’

What are they all about? Curves magazine is a German publication putting out quality material dedicated to the experience of driving and the roads driven. Started by photographer Stefan Bogner, he brings a certain effortless quality to his images allowing the viewer to fall into each and every photo in detail and imagine the line taken through each and every corner. I must admit, I have on occasion found myself making car noises as I imagined scything my way through the many corners of the stunning passes we travel on in this book. Imagining what car you’d take too is also half the fun.

Turning each page inspires a sense of adventure and triggers the ‘Get out and drive’ motto, as well as our own ‘No low milers’. In this edition, Porsche Drive, we get to live a particular road through the experience of a chosen Porsche owner, a nice preface to the many stunning pictures that follow.

The processing style brings out the detail and adds a sense of mood and occasion to the photos. I welcome it.

I must admit to being addicted to maps and way-finding, and thankfully the Porsche Drive book has plenty to accompany the stories told. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself planning a trip, jotting down notes, or finding another pass or road nearby.

By the end of the book, if you live in a city as do I, you will find yourself looking for ways to move closer to the wonderful roads that often inhabit the countryside. If only I spoke French, Italian, or German! Speaking of, this book is bilingual published with English and German side by side.

I can’t help but feel entirely envious of those in Europe or indeed those living near epic mountains and valleys like those beautifully presented in this book.

Get a copy and enjoy. And if you’re like me you’ll be slowly growing the collection.

– Mark


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