Porsche Design release new sunglasses for 2020 inspired by a classic

Porsche have release new sunglasses for 2020 (getting a little late in the year people!) inspired by the past and spearheaded with the P’8928 and P’8685 Hexagon Gold Limited Edition.

P’8928 sunglasses

The P’8928 was inspired by glasses originally designed by Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche in 1978. Those original P’8478 glasses had an interchangeable lens mechanism allowing you to go from tints to gradients or whatever you wanted. 

The new P’8928 sunglasses have retained the interchangeable lens mechanism but the titanium frames made in Japan are now more squared off yet still have that aviator look. The glasses actually come with a set of coloured lenses which can be updated as new lenses are released each season. 

P’8685 Hexagon Gold Limited Edition sunglasses

There will only be 500 worldwide of the handcrafted P’8685 Hexagon Gold Limited Edition sunglasses released. Porsche Design say the glasses are inspired by an engine block and the eight hexagonal screws which hold the solid titanium front in place certainly give off an industrial vibe. 

Other glasses in the range include the Porsche Design Fusion models—the P’8366 squared aviator correction glasses and P’8690 sunglasses—with polished and matte surfaces.

Finally there’s the Ultra-Light P’8916 line featuring 100% titanium frames resulting in a weight of just 5 grams.

Visit Porsche Design for more.

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