Nissan extending their NISMO Heritage Parts with new tech

We all know high end luxury and sports car makers provide thorough and very exclusive services for restoring their classic cars so it’s great to see Japanese manufacturers are really keen to preserve theirs.

While Mazda were the first to have offered complete restorations for their NA MX-5, they were recently joined by Nissan’s NISMO outfit for cars such as the R32 GT-R.

Restored Nissan R32 GT-R NISMO

But manufacturing new parts can be costly and time consuming if not impossible using original jigs and machinery that simply isn’t available anymore. So Nissan are now using technology such as dual-sided dieless forming for body panels and 3-D printing for resin parts.

Nissan's dual-sided dieless forming

Dual-sided dieless forming first unveiled in 2019 allows for body panels to be produced in small batches by robots pressing rod-shaped molding tools onto opposite sides of a steel sheet to incrementally deform and mold a panel. The first car to benefit from this new tech is the R32 Skyline GT-R for which rear panels will be produced to the highest quality.

Parts that will be 3-D printed such as the harness in the R32 Skyline GT-R was jointly developed with Solize Corporation. 

Since 2017 Nissan has expanded its parts range from 80 to 300 with hopefully much more to come for many more of Nissan’s incredible back catalogue.

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