Mykita and Leica collaborate for high quality German eyewear

What do you get when you combine one German company renown for quality and another built on the same principles? A collection of products that have already received a Red Dot award in 2020.

We’re very familiar with Leica’s long history and dedication to designing and engineering cameras that have been so revered they now command huge prices at auction.

Mykita is a German brand of eyewear which also has a commitment to quality with handcrafted frames made in Berlin.

Mykita and Leica previously launched a sunglasses collection and now they have built upon that with an optical range utilising stainless steel.

Spanning four designs, the ML07 and ML08 models use a top bridge for added stability while the ML09 and ML10 are more minimalist in their design. The signature Leica red is ever-present on the rims and temples and is applied by hand.

Mykita Leica Collection ML07 front
Mykita Leica Collection ML07
Mykita Leica Collection ML08 front
Mykita Leica Collection ML08
Mykita Leica Collection ML09 front
Mykita Leica Collection ML09
Mykita Leica Collection ML10 front
Mykita Leica Collection ML10

The collection draws on other key Leica design cues such as the lens hood shape informing the frame shape, and knurled grip of the cameras finding its way onto the top bridges and inside of the steel temples.

Using AquaDura® Vision Pro anti-reflective coating the lenses are protected against water, dirt and damage while preventing fogging.

Visit Mykita for more.

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