MV Agusta and Alpine collab for a special Superveloce

Motorcycle and car collaborations seem to happen more frequently than we might expect. It was only a few weeks ago that Ducati announced a collaboration with Lamborghini for a Diavel special. While Alpine might not be as synonymous with speed, it soon will be as the Renault Formula 1 team will be changing their title to that of Alpine

Good timing then, to hook up with another advocate of speed and style, MV Agusta, to create a limited edition Superveloce Alpine. The Superveloce caused quite a stir when released beautifully combining retro looks with modern cues.

Those retro looks of the Superveloce fit nicely with those of the Alpine A110, itself a wonderful incarnation of a successful French classic. For this collaboration MV Agusta’s usual red and silver livery has given way to Alpine blue with silver accents. There are raised “A” logos on the fairing as well as the Italian and French flags proudly sitting on either side of the front fender. 

The seats are made of Alcantara with blue stitching much like you get on sports car interiors. One of the signature design pieces on the Superveloce is the leather strap over the tank and in this edition it has “Alpine” embossed in and tying to a CNC fuel cap.

The wheels are CNC-machined and finished in black and there’s also an Arrow tri-exhaust, control unit with a dedicated map, rear seat cover, customised bike cover and certificate of origin.

The usual MV Agusta Superveloce spec remains: 798cc and 3 cylinders, 147 HP, and a 173kg dry weight. It would’ve been super cool if MV Agusta shed a couple of kilograms off the weight of the bike given the lightweight philosophy behind the A110, but that’s not the case unfortunately.

Only 110 Superveloce Alpine’s will be produced, naturally. Only European prices have been announced at time of writing.

Price: €36,300 EUR ($58,397 AUD)

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