Meccanista is Australia’s new 24/7 online car auction site

Over the years online auction site Bring a Trailer has gone from strength to strength providing a unique way of connecting sellers with buyers leading to the birth of other online auctions sites such as Collecting Cars and Cars and Bids.

Meccanista online car auction website

Despite showcasing cars from various parts of the world, rarely does anything from Australia show up. Now, we have our own platform called Meccanista started by advertising and marketing exec Alex Rogers.

Meccanista operates much in the same way as those platforms of the northern hemisphere with copious amounts of photos, detailed descriptions written by car industry peeps, 3rd party condition reports with all vehicles checked against the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) for any money owning.

Then it’s listing and bidding time with Meccanista making the connection between parties post auction. The good thing about any car on the platform is it’s exclusively committed to Meccanista and buyers can arrange viewings if they want to. There’s also a “zero sniping” function embedded so that any bid added in the last 10 minutes adds an extra 2 minutes.

The buyer’s premium is 5% inc GST (min $1,000, max $10,000 inc GST) which is comparable to those larger platforms.

So very much like those established players overseas but the real story here is you can see, buy, and collect all within Australia.

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