McLaren celebrate 24 Hours of Le Mans with five special Senna GTR LMs

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You have to be a very special customer and/or be rather minted to own one of these unique McLaren Senna GTRs. Commissioned by customers through McLaren Special Operations (MSO) in celebration of McLaren’s dominance of the 1995 24 Hours of Le Mans where F1 GTRs finished 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th and 13th. 

Each of the five cars get unique liveries mirroring those of the race cars, taking more than 800 hours to hand paint, with permission by the original sponsors to recreate their brand identities.

It’s not just fancy paintwork however, each car gets an increase of 20PS to 845PS and 800Nm over the regular McLaren Senna GTR and a revised torque curve for more torque at lower revs with the rev limiter set closer to 9,000rpm than the ‘soft limit’ of 8,250rpm. 

Improvements to the twin-turbocharged, 4.0-litre M840TQ engine include valve spring retainers made from metal matrix composite (MMC) to deliver a 65% weight reduction, higher grade steel for the valve springs and hand-polished, CNC ported cylinder heads.

Inside there’s a bespoke LM steering wheel with anodised gold gear shift paddles and control buttons while the foot pedals are made from titanium nitride.

There’s a six-point racing harnesses fitted, with a GTR LM logo embroidered on the harness pads and also on the headrests. Somehow it doesn’t seem likely that these harnesses will ever see their full intended use! 

The wheels are five-spoke OZ Racing items showing off gold-coloured brake calipers beneath and suspension wishbones, harking back to the original F1 GTR.

No Limited Edition McLaren (or any car for that matter) would go without a plaque or numbering of some sort and each McLaren Senna GTR gets a ‘1 of 1’ dedication plaque featuring VIN number on each car, with provenance details of its 1995 Le Mans F1 GTR ‘twin’ etched on the carbon fibre sill.

In 2021, all five owners will be able to participate in a Le Mans circuit driving experience during the race weekend. Special!

McLaren Senna GTR LM 825/1

‘The Ueno Clinic car’ 
Yannick Dalmas, Masanori Sekiya, JJ Lehto.

McLaren Senna GTR LM 825/6

‘The Harrods car’
Andy Wallace, Derek Bell, Justin Bell.

McLaren Senna GTR LM 825/2

‘The Gulf car’
Maurizio Sandro Sala, Mark Blundell, Ray Bellm.

McLaren Senna GTR LM 825/7

‘The Jacadi car’
Fabien Giroix, Olivier Grouillard, Jean-Denis Deletraz.

McLaren Senna GTR LM 825/5

‘The Cesar car’
Jean-Luc Maury-Laribiere, Marc Sourd and Hervé Poulin.

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