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Sports Car Safari

It’s always a joy to see quality writing and photography in print and one of the latest print magazines to pop up in Australia is Sports Car Safari, a quarterly filled with auto and moto stories from around the world.

What’s refreshing to see is the subject matter is not confined to cars of a certain period or marque, but the full gamut of the automotive world with the odd article about watches and the like.

Sports Car Safari Issue 1

This first issue covers the Adelaide Motorsport Festival, Biker Shield Classic Motorcycle Shop in Vietnam, the history of the Omega Speedmaster, the first customer delivered RHD 911 in the world, and much more.

Sports Car Safari Issue 1

The physical size of Sports Car Safari is very zine-like, and in keeping with other great Australian Automotive print mags like Fuel. Keeping up with the zine feel is the stock, a matt variant that feels perfectly suited to the focus on editorial.

Sports Car Safari Issue 1

The size may be small but the magazine has a lot of pages to turn. I’d give you a page count but there aren’t any page numbers—see what I mean about the zine-like feel? Again, it doesn’t detract, it simply draws your focus back on each story, kind of like playing a vinyl record and being ‘forced’ to listen from start to finish. It’s a good thing.

Another first issue celebration is the fact it’s free, at least for now

There is certainly a concerted effort to let each story be told without limitations to word count, or pandering to an audience grown up on Insta-everything and visual fast food. Yet the photography is equally engaging, perfectly capturing enough detail of each story with an authenticity which matches the writing. There are no rig shots and studio lighting here, at least in this first issue.

Sports Car Safari Issue 1

Another first issue celebration is the fact it’s free, at least for now. If you want to pick up a copy just head into a selected store, within Australia and Indonesia or grab one online (plus postage).

This is a magazine to read over coffee on a weekend morning and I guarantee you’ll finish satisfied but looking forward to the next issue. And coffee.

Thanks to Kollector Cars and Coffee for the awesome coffee and Sports Car Safari mag.

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