Luxury gaming with Aston Martin’s AMR-C01 simulator

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It’s not a game anymore son, this is real. Except it is a game, just a whole other level. Gaming is a billion dollar industry, and given how seriously the world’s most advanced racing teams take their simulator work, it comes as no surprise they are now offering products to the public such as this Aston Martin’s AMR-C01 simulator.

Although you May have to choose between a real (second hand) Aston Martin and the simulator with the cost starting at £57,500 plus tax. Yowsers! So this is not a simulator you can find in your local tech store then and at this price point joins other similarly advanced simulators recently released in the market. 

In typical supercar style, it features a full carbon fibre monocoque which will be fantastic for strength and getting it into your house or apartment, but beyond that the weight saving won’t make you faster in the simulated world. 

At least the seating position, derived from the Aston Martin Valkyrie, will make you feel like you’re really driving something special. It’s unsure if the setup is adjustable so playing WRC Rally or punting a retro touring car around might feel a bit odd. But this is more about top tier open wheeler and GT racing with the machine hooked into the latest Assetto Corsa release. 

Will we see Lance Stroll and Sebastian Vettel streaming their simulator racing exploits on Twitch next year? Maybe the former, probably not the latter. 

This is the first product to come out of the partnership between a Aston Martin and Curv Racing Simulators. Perhaps some cheaper options will become available in the future but at even half the price, it will be still out of reach for most.

There are only 150 of the Aston Martin AMR-C01 simulators and given the rate that the world soaks up mega money supercars, most are probably sold already. Deliveries are to take place in Q4 2020.

Find out more via Curv Racing Simulators

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