Lotus hope to race their stunning E-R9 EV concept

We all like a good design study. This is the E-R9, Lotus’s new rendering of a next-generation pure electric endurance racer which they say could be on the grid for 2030. Ok, ok, we get it—the sale of new internal combustion engined cars will be banned in UK and Europe by 2030. 

Inspiration for the design comes from the aeronautical industry as is often the case when attempting to harness speed into something tangible. The fighter jet-style canopy is centrally mounted in a delta-wing upper body. There are panels which “morph” to aid with lateral forces by either pressing a button or automatically according to performance sensor inputs, while vertical control surfaces at the rear help with changes of direction.

There’s a lot of Aston Martin Valkyrie in the design but then there’s a lot of formula car design in the Aston Martin Valkyrie so it’s not like E-R9 is taking inspiration from it. The car was developed by chief aerodynamicist Richard Hill and his team along with Louis Kerr who was principal platform engineer on the Lotus Evija pure electric hypercar, rendered to life by by Russell Carr, Design Director for Lotus. The end result is a dramatic take on an endurance race car.

The team promise the ability to “hot-swap” batteries in a racing scenario which certainly gives a new take on mid-race refuelling. And if it never reaches the race track, I’m sure Mr Bruce Wayne would be interested.

For now, it’s simply Lotus’s idea of what an endurance racer might be.

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