Lotus celebrates Evija design award with stunning photos

The Muse Awards are all about future states of design can be captured and expressed today. For the automotive category Lotus have taken home the award for their Evija. Had this been any other design award, the Evija would still rank as one of the favourites such is its design.

To celebrate, Lotus have invited 8 photographers to capture the car in their own way at the Duke of London grounds, a former 1930s soap factory in West London.

Check out the photos below and choose a favourite:

Man standing next to a yellow Lotus Evija photographed from above
Mike Will @m.visuals
Yellow Lotus Evija with doors open photographed from above
Luke Jackson Clark @watchluk
Yellow Lotus Evija photographed in anwarehouse setting at night with classic cars nearby
@London automotive editor Krishan Parmar @masterkrishan 
Yellow Lotus Evija photographed from the rear with the doors open
Photographer Alex Carmichael @Carms
Man photographed staring into the distance through a car window
Photographer and model Timothy James @ThisIsTimothy
Yellow Lotus Evija illuminated in a dark setting
Photographer Sam Moores @sammooresphoto
Man leaning on the rear of a yellow Lotus Evija at night
Photographer and model Carl Thompson @carlthompson
Yellow Lotus Evija photographed from above against a blue setting
Online community, influencer and photographer Thomas Howarth @horsepower_hunters

Which is the your favourite out of these?

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