Lorbek have a low kms Porsche 930 Turbo SE Slant Nose for sale

If you want rare in the world of Porsche 911s, just search for anything early with an “RS”, “ST”, “R” badge. Other times it’s certain displacements or celebration models which are low run.

There’s also one which was perhaps controversial yet had its roots in motorsport and that’s the slant nose Porsche 930 Turbo SE. Forget the fried egg headlights of the 996, the slant nose just did away with the whole front guards altogether creating a smoothed out and more aerodynamic front end. 

The slant nose began through Kremer Racing who were running the modified 935 race cars at the time to much success. Pressure from customer demand meant Porsche had to respond with the official 930 Flachbau (meaning “low build”) or commonly referred to “Flat Nose” or “Slant Nose”. So in 1986 it became a factory option (US option code M505; ROW M506) costing up to 60% more due to panel fabrication, pop up headlights, extra cooling intakes at the rear, a more powerful engine (up 30bhp from 300), a dual exhaust, and a limited slip differential.

Only 948 slant nose models were built in total with a fraction being original right hand drive. 

The example Lorbek Cars in Melbourne, Australia have right now has just 24,862 kms (15,448 miles) from new putting it squarely in the collector-sphere. In classic guards red it features partial leather interior with tartan in what is described as like new condition.

In the UK in April 2019 through Bonhams, a 1986 Turbo SE Slant Nose sold at auction for $289,011 AUD ($215,008 USD / £161,000 GBP) with 7952 kms (4,941 miles) from new. In August 2020, Silverstone auctions sold another 1986 930 Slant Nose for $233,698 AUD ($173,609 USD / £130,000 GBP) with 33,917 kms (21,075 miles). 

Prices obviously fluctuate and the devil is in the detail with these rare models.

Asking price: $949,990 AUD ($705,139 USD / £528,159 GBP)

Visit Lorbek to find out more.

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