Leica release the new Q2 Daniel Craig x Greg Williams

There’s been a lot of speculation about a Leica 007 limited edition floating around for some time. This may or not be the “007” edition everyone was expecting but hey, it’s got Daniel Craig’s name to it so we’re halfway there.

Craig is an avid photographer and got to know professional photographer Greg Williams through their work on films. And when your name is Daniel Craig and you play the role of Mr Bond you can design any Leica you like and it will sell.

And actually, this one is a rather good looking one thankfully. Technically, this limited edition Q2 is the same as the regular Q2 with all the changes coming about in design details, a bespoke leather strap, and packaging. Considering the regular Q2 retails for $7,990.00 AUD and this limited edition retails for $9,990.00 AUD that’s an awful lot more for what is essentially a leather strap and some design detailing. 

Out goes the signature Leica red dot and is replaced with a gold Leica logotype. In fact gold type replaces the standard white through the rest of the camera and lens. The camera covering features a leather embossed diamond pattern and vegetable-dyed Nappa leather strap. 

Everything comes beautifully presented in a specially designed, hinged-lid presentation box with gold lettering and a black silk lining. There will only be 750 of the Q2 Daniel Craig x Greg Williams cameras made so if you’re a huge Craig, Bond (or Williams!) fan or you like collecting limited edition Leica’s then be quick.

Price: $9,990.00 AUD ($6,995.00 USD / £5,600.00 GBP)

Visit Leica for more.

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