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John Woodbridge Leather Paris

John Woodbridge & Sons Makers is a leather goods brand with a history dating back to the 1930s and revived in 2004 through the grandson of John Woodbridge. Now based in Paris they produce a range a leather goods including vintage leather footballs (soccer balls for the rest of us).

I played football as a 5 year old, doing the usual thing of running around after the ball rather than playing the game, and then later as a 12 year old playing goalie, dragging the team off the bottom of the table to reach the final which we lost (it didn’t help the other team flew in kids from an older division). 

Soon after there were years of following the English Premiere League with a friend in the heady days of Cantona at Manchester United (straight after his Leeds defection). What a time!

John Woodbridge Vintage Football T-shape
The T-shape football

Each John Woodbridge replica vintage football is hand made reflecting the craftsmanship that went into creating the originals. The carefully selected patinated leather gives a certain character to each ball with each getting a wooden plinth for display purposes. 

John Woodbridge Vintage Football Tiento 1930
The ‘Tiento’

The two most distinctive footballs in the collection are the T-shape and Tiento 1930s editions. The story behind both stems from the 1930 World Cup where both balls were used in each half with Argentina preferring the Scottish style Tiento ball, and Uruguay preferring the English made T-shape patterned ball. Uruguay went on to win 4-2.

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