Jaguar collab with Bremont and Glenturret for e-type inspired luxury items

It’s 60 years since the unveiling off the Jaguar e-type and not only are Jaguar building 6 newly restored e-types they are also celebrating with a Bremont chronograph and Glenturret “e-type whisky”.

There will only be 120 examples of the Bremont chronograph box set with 60 in green and 60 in grey reflecting the colour of the cars that took the stand in Geneva all those years ago. Included in the box set is a rally timer—a first for Bremont—as well as a clock. Jaguar will go so far as to fit the timer and clock to a customer’s car.

The lucky customers also get to drive three classic E-types on an exclusive visit to Jaguar’s Fen End facility.

Price: £12,995 GBP

Available from Bremont.

If you’re more into your whisky after a long drive then Jaguar have collaborated with Glenturret, for the Glenturret E-type 60th Anniversary Single Malt Scotch Whisky which has been crafted in Scotland’s oldest working distillery.

Glenturret E-type 60th Anniversary Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Not to be outdone by the Bremont watch set, the Glenturret whisky comes in a custom wooden box with a bespoke book and key ring.

Bob Dalgarno from Glenturret describes the whisky:

“It has a complex nose, sweet and oily with dark fruits, dried ginger and clean oak. Toffee apple and caramel coat layers of fruit with syrup and sweet spice.

Wood spices quickly accelerate on the palate then brake suddenly. Darker fruits pull forward, liquorice sweeps in and sweetness flows throughout. Maturing oak intertwined with wood spice is last to arrive bringing a sweet, spicy, and warming finish.”

The whisky is only available in the UK and is priced at £1,500 GBP exclusively through Glenturret.

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