It’s the perfect time to build a classic Tamiya RC buggy

If there was ever a decade where Tamiya exploded into life it has to be the 80’s. They turned every kid’s fantasy into a reality.

A car you could control, that wasn’t connected by a wire, that went really fast, did jumps, that you built yourself, and could be modified. How freaking awesome is that! And not only that, they looked really cool with wild graphics, corny motivational slogans, with many different models and configurations to choose from. 

The first thing you noticed in the hobby store in the 80s were all the model boxes either on the walls or lined up on shelves. And then the graphics. Dynamic representations of each car on the box with often exploded or technical illustrations accompanying in detail. 

Every single buggy or car had its own identity making the choice for buyers very difficult indeed. Most of us started out with The Frog, Grasshopper, or Hornet as entry level purchases by reluctant parents. Tamiya tried on a number of occasions to compete in racing against the likes of Kyosho, Yokomo, Associated, and Team Losi but weren’t successful.

These days, the world is your oyster as kits with radios can be had for less than the price of a new PlayStation. 

With everyone seemingly confined to their homes for who knows how long, now is a great time to build a buggy or car and hit the dirt or pavement in isolation. Even racing a friend can essentially be done in isolation. Go for it!


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