Isle of Man TT film: In Loving Memory

John McGuiness airborne over a crest in the Isle of Man TT as a crowd looks on in the background

As we are in the middle of the 2019 Isle of Man TT, highly rated film director Luke Huxham has dropped this stunning 20 minute homage to the riders who risk it all. 

If you have any kind of petrol in your veins or a desire for speed then the TT will be no stranger to you. Two wheels, one island, and yes sadly many deaths. But what keeps the riders coming back?

There are dozens of Youtube videos showcasing the speed and madness of riding 200hp plus super bikes at over 300kph inches from stone walls, hedges, and eager fans, but there are fewer that beautifully capture both the riders’ minds as well as the action like this one.

Enough said. Check it out.

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