Herschel collab with Star Wars for new villainous everyday carry

It seems no brand these days can go without some sort of collaboration to maintain consumer interest. Which is fine, just as long as it’s done well or makes sense for both brands.

Herschel have gone to the dark side with their latest collaboration teaming up with the Star Wars brand to create a range of carry items that echo the designs of many Star Wars favourites, and they’ve done a pretty good job of it.

Herschel inner showing Star Wars co-branding label

It’s incredible to think how enduring the costume designs are, particularly the Stormtrooper black and white outfits and they lend themselves to many other applications, Herschel now doing their part.

The three lines are built upon villainous factions and key characters in Stromtrooper, Darth Vader, and Boba Fett, each with their own take on Herschel favourites. Inside you’ll find co-branded labels and each piece is inspired by Star Wars Episode V — The Empire Strikes Back.

Herschel Stormtrooper line

The Stormtrooper line was always going to be predominantly white with black accents. There are grey graphic shapes and lines to mirror the stormtrooper suit detailing as well as unique quilted straps matching the soldiers’ shoulder plates.

Herschel Darth Vader line

The Darth Vader set (which is the coolest set) is all about the black with red accents. There are of course references to My Vader’s black helmet and red lightsaber and other unique features with each piece.

Herschel Boba Fett line

But if you want to go camouflage then the Boba Fett range is going to appeal. A bit less serious than the Darth Vader set you could easily carry any of these items every day as the camouflage is more graphic in execution. The coolest detail has to be the Wookie braided Prusik pull cords.

Visit Herschel for more.

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