Helm are reimagining 20 next level luxury Jaguar E-types

Move over aircooled Porsche 911s, it seems Jaguar’s e-type has become the choice for restorations, reimaginings, and continuations. Helm are the latest to reimagine what a bespoke Jaguar E-type could be if modern knowhow and engineering could take the 60s beauty and turn it into a masterpiece.

Already we have Ecurie Ecosse recreating competition versions of their original C-type racing cars, the Eagle E-type, and Jaguar Classic themselves are recreating 6 matched pairs of E-types and 8 new C-types.

So what makes the Helm car so special? Well, just look at it for starters! As an E-type is universally celebrated for its design, most of the uplift has been to the interior, structure, and mechanicals. Helm believe the 1st generation E-type to be the perfect base for their work.

That interior is almost stealing the show and given that’s where customers will be spending most of their time with the car, it’s safe the say they won’t be disappointed. The level of craftsmanship created by Bill Amberg Studio is extraordinary, as though you’re sitting in a bespoke luxury leather bag that just happens to be able to propel you down the road wth a huge grin on your face. 

Of course there’s leather luggage to accompany every vehicle such as two sets Bill Amberg Rocket bags in weekend and briefcase editions. Hopefully they get used and not just stored for the next RM Auctions event.

Helm were understandably reluctant to mess with such a timeless design yet were able to improve on the engineering with a steel-reinforced monocoque shell, handmade aluminium doors and hand built and polished big bore aircraft-grade stainless steel exhaust system.

The engine is a 300 bhp 3.8 litre normally aspirated unit designed for fast road use. Other improvements include bespoke 6-pot alloy front brakes with vented discs all round, bespoke engineers 5-speed gearbox, modern wiring, adjustable suspension, and electronic speed sensitive power steering.

One of the advantages outfits like Helm have when reimagining cars like these are to tailor make the car to a customer’s wishes. Up to 3,800-man hours goes into create a Helm E-type and it’s that level of detail which makes these cars special.

Visit Helm for more.

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