Hello 2019

2019 new cars

Well well, here we are. Upon us is another year of bigger and faster 911s, hot and hyper hatches, a re-release of a Japanese legend, drop top BMWs, and a bunch of electric this and that.

Electric sounds

Have we resolved the lack of sound in electric cars? Seems we haven’t and despite claims different electric motors produce different sounds, they aren’t exactly intoxicating to the ears. On an everyday workhorse like the forthcoming mk8 VW Golf, that’s fine but what happens with something like the new electric Porsche Taycan? Will we care that there’s no noise because it’s a completely new model/concept? An electric 911 would kill the model in today’s market, but the Taycan is a new addition with no history or precedence so it’s effectively ground zero for Porsche’s electric wonder. I quite like the looks, what do you think?

The new 2019 911

The new 911 I have strong opinions about. The loss of the narrow body, the techy interior, and that horrible rear wing which disrupts the classic lines of the car when activated. Check the brochure pics and have a look at how many show the car with the rear wing up. Not many. I’m sure it will be faster blah blah blah but for the 911, Porsche are at risk of losing something special in the name of laptimes. Slow it down, bring back feel, and connect with the driver at regular road speeds. Leave the laptimes to the GT cars.

BMW, Toyota lovin’

Can we just take a moment to applaud Toyota and BMW for collaborating and giving us two driver’s cars with different personalities. Beautiful BMW petrol engines and drive trains, different but equally rewarding dynamics, this is what we want and need. Something tells me the Supra is going to ignite the aftermarket industry and that’s great for the motoring industry as a whole. The Z4 has already proven itself in a few comparisons in the glossy mags and it’s good for enthusiasts to have more choices. Right now I’d definitely choose BMW’s sonorous in-line 6 over Porsche’s cat with a fur ball flat 4.

New hatch madness

Quietly going about it’s business is the next gen Golf mk8, which is reported to depart significantly from its mk7 fore barer particularly in the interior. What we really want to know is how the GTI is going to turn out like, and how it will drive. Add to that the Golf R and the new Mercedes Benz A45 promising 400hp (yikes!) and it’s all going to get a bit scrappy. Good. We like scrappy!

Heritage and classics

One prediction I’d like to make if I may is that we will start seeing more classic car revivals as manufacturers look to cash in on their petrol heritage while they can, and while the combustion engine is still permissible.

I also suspect we will start seeing more electric conversions of older and classic cars. How will we retain driver engagement? Surely there must be a way to program and mimic torque and power delivery of the original while retaining manual gear changes. At least we can be left with that.

Oh and apparently in 2019 there are a bunch of new SUVs or something.

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