Get 9-bars of pressure with the Coffeejack portable espresso maker

If you want to make your coffee on the go with 9 bars of pressure in a tiny package then head over to Indigogo or Kickstarter and support Coffeejack.

One of the biggest challenges in portable or travel espresso makers is their ability to gather enough pressure to create the right extraction process in order to get the best espresso possible from whatever beans you use. 

With Coffeejack the ex-Dyson engineers have created a patent pending micro-hydraulic technology that produces 9 bars, the same as a professional espresso machine in what they claim is the world’s smallest portable espresso maker. 

Just add your favourite coffee, fill with hot water, pump 8 times and drink. No pods, no filters, no power needed and it’s BPA free with a lifetime warranty.

As with any crowdfunded project, getting in early gives you benefits. Currently. if you buy one Coffeejack on Indigogo for $133 AUD you can save yourself 46% off the projected retail price.

At time of writing they had massed $2,287,392 AUD by 14,656 backers on Indigogo.

Visit Coffeejack for more.

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