Drivescape is a beautiful homage to classic European road trips

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The European landscape is a magnificent mix of valleys and mountains with thankfully many sinuous roads which traverse across it so entertainingly.

Here in Australia such a landscape seems like a fairytale as it’s so at odds with our arid, harsh, and unforgiving countryside. 

Thankfully we can go on European journeys through the eyes of others such as Drivescape, a website dedicated to European road trips. Its creator David who loves to travel wanted to give something back to the car community. It just so happens his girlfriend Elena is a wonderful photographer, and together they take some the most inspiring road trip pictures and videos of the alps regions in Europe. 

David himself was inspired by the photographs and journeys of Curves magazine, amongst others. Best viewed on a large monitor it’s easy to fall into the scenery and wonder what it would be like to drive your favourite vehicle along all the snaking roads. 

Drones have changed the way we view the landscape, often painting abstract pictures as we see the topography from above. For documenting road trips, it’s the perfect tool and for Drivescape David deploys his to dramatic effect. They have managed to produce a few short films as well with hopefully more to come.

Follow the work of David and Elena by visiting the Drivescape website and following on Instagram

All images used with permission.

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