DEUS in a perfect collab with Breitling release the Top Time DEUS Limited Edition

From the very beginning Deus was effortlessly cool, melding Japanese counterculture and style with heritage design they filled a void in a market dominated by tired streetwear and surf brands.

Breitling Top Time DEUS Limited Edition watch on a man's wrist

That aesthetic has continued with their latest collaboration with Breitling, who have real heritage on their side. In fact the Top Time watch is based off Breitling’s 1960’s edition of the same name and was targeted at “young and active professionals”, both brands seemingly aligned with adventurous attitudes to life and all things mechanical.

The new Top Time Deus Limited Edition uses a Breitling 23 calibre and is identical technically to the regular Top Time Limited Edition. Most of the changes come via the face with a lightning-bolt-shaped chronograph hand, Deus’ adage “In benzin veritas” written as well as co-founder and Deus creative director Carby Tuckwell’s illustration of a motorcyclist in full tuck, amongst other details.

While the original marketing faff may not stand up today the end result is the same: a watch which doesn’t take itself too seriously. This was originally meant for those into “motorcycling, surfing, skateboarding, whatever”, as Breitling recall while the new edition will appeal to a new generation who buy into a different lifestyle agenda.

And while the Top Time is very much about the present, it still has plenty of backstory such as being the watch Sean Connery wore in Thunderball.

What is serious however, is the price. At $6,950 AUD it’s just $500 under Omega’s Seamaster Diver 300M. But it really boils down to what scene you associate with, and there’s no denying the cool factor of Deus Ex Machina.

Price: $6,950 AUD ($4,990 USD / £4,100 GBP)

Visit Breitling or Deus Ex Machina for more.

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