Create your own personalised Rimowa Unique Luggage

Rimowa are now providing a service to create your own unique luggage. 

Starting with a Classic Cabin case, customers can choose a colour for the full grain leather handle, wheel colour, and luggage tag which can be initialled. 

However, still one of the best accessories Rimowa offer are the sticker packs designed by various artists.

Before global travel was so financially accessible, it was with a sense of pride that travellers would put stickers of locales visited on the outside of their suitcases as a means to show how well traveled they were. Rimowa are bringing back the fun.

As this is Privateer Garage, we’d have to include a ‘Travel by Racer’ sticker on ours!

Hopefully this is the start of even more customisation by Rimowa. The conveyer belts of the airports of the world could do with more design and happiness!

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