Colchester 1892 National Treasure High Tops

Colchester 1892 National Treasure High Tops

Do you have to be an avid basketball fan to appreciate the worlds first pukka basketball shoe reincarnated? No, just like you don’t need to work in a factory to appreciate a pair of Redwings. 

Colchester claim their Basketball Sneaker is older than any other by around 25 years, leaving it to claim the title of the worlds oldest basketball sneaker

Colchester 1892 National Treasure High Tops

The circular motif on the side is very much reminiscent of that other well known brand, Converse. Arguably it’s the Colchester shoe which looks much more premium with design cues throughout and a distinctive coloured toe edge.

They have the colours spot on too, earthy tones with offset white stitching embeds a little of that sporting feel back in.

Thankfully the shoes are updated for modern durability with a built-in arch, cushioned insole, and metal eyelets.

They are also available as low tops but it’s the high tops which are the real deal. They aren’t going to replace any modern basketball shoe however, just as a tennis player isn’t going to hit the court in a pair of Dunlop Volleys.

Colchester aren’t currently imported into Australia however you can order internationally online if you’re feeling confident of your fit. Otherwise pick up a pair on your travels to the UK, Japan, Europe, or the US for $95 USD.

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