Buy these amazing renders of the Porsche 917 from Ink

It’s amazing what really good 3D renders and a creative mind can do. In this case it’s a set of heavenly images of a Porsche 917 race car without one of its well known liveries.

The purity of the shell becomes apparent, it’s open top very much in period for Can-Am cars, the series which this 16-cylinder prototype was meant to be raced but never did, with the Hans Mezger designed flat-12 engine winning that battle.

INK out of the UK are responsible for the render, freeing historic race cars from their “sponsorship commitments” with their Plain Bodies series, the Porsche 917 being the latest. They are selling prints on Etsy of their work, these 917 prints going for $95.24 AUD ($70.12 USD / £52.45 GBP) plus any shipping charges.

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