BMW and Kith collab for special E30 and M4 editions

Most of us car enthusiasts grow up dreaming of owning or building a particular car and for Kith founder Ronnie Fieg it was a BMW E30 M3. The man has taste! Ronnie’s built a successful streetwear brand in Kith with multiple heavyweight collaborations, the latest is with BMW.

The first step was to send Ronnie’s E30 M3 to BMW in Germany to be completely rebuilt using BMW Classic Parts from the ground up. We’ve seen plenty of E30 M3s get modified beyond their original formula with bigger engines and wheels but BMW sourced components from the archives for authenticity resulting in a car that looked factory fresh.

There were Kith touches however such as Kith BMW Roundel emblems on the bonnet, boot, rims and steering wheel, “Kith Motorsport” badge on the boot, and embossed Kith Monogram leather interior.

The challenge was to translate the same treatment to a new 2021 BMW M4 Competition to create a (much younger) sister car. The team started with the paint using a retired swatch of Cinnabar Red. There’s also the Kith Motorsport badge on the trunk but it’s inside where the Kith Monogram makes a difference along with the Kith illuminated headrest badges.

Kith say there’s more to come from the collaboration, hopefully that means some M branded clothing.

Visit Kith for more.

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