BMW 1 Series M wallpaper

Flicking through some photos from last year and reminiscing over my time with a BMW 1 Series M made me think that fans of the car might appreciate them as  desktop wallpapers. 

I did a couple of shoots with the 1M, the first by the ocean one early summer morning, and yes that meant getting up super early! It was the first time I’d gotten up so early to catch the morning light but it was worth it. 

Armed with my little Fuji X100S, a humble but impressive little thing, I captured what I could with the light changing its effect on the car minute by minute. So a little nerve racking but I loved how the change in light resulted in different moods.

The second ocean shoot was also with the Fuji but the third was with my (then) new Panasonic LUMIX G9 with a tasty Leica lens. I chose a different location this time at a roof top car park. There were lots of opportunities for interesting angles and so forth but also involved a lot of car manoeuvres and walking around meaning my time was limited. I wouldn’t mind going back and having another crack with a different car now that the 1M is sold

Hope you enjoy these!

Click on the images below to download a zip file containing a full resolution image.

BMW 1 Series M wallpaper 1

BMW 1 Series M wallpaper 2

BMW 1 Series M wallpaper 3

BMW 1 Series M wallpaper 4

BMW 1 Series M wallpaper 5

BMW 1 Series M wallpaper 6

BMW 1 Series M wallpaper 7

BMW 1 Series M wallpaper 8

BMW 1 Series M wallpaper 9

BMW 1 Series M wallpaper 10

BMW 1 Series M wallpaper 11

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