Bid on this 1993 NA Mazda Eunos Roadster (MX-5) with 7,214kms

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Mazda NA MX-5 fans, it doesn’t get much better than this. A 1993 1.6L BRG (British Racing Green) model with an original 7,214kms is up for auction on Collecting Cars right now. 

There are hundreds of thousands of NA MX-5s worldwide but fewer right hand drive and even fewer BRG models. And when they have less than 10,000kms and in this condition, you could say it’s rare. 

This particular car is a Japanese model with the big giveaway being the name: Eunos Roadster. When the MX-5 first came out in Japan it was marketed under the Eunos brand owned by Mazda.

First registered in Japan in 1993 it was brought over the UK in 1996 and kept by the same owner for 26 years.

Sure it’s not the bigger 1.8L but many will argue the 1.6L is just fine and any marginal gains to be had are negligible. And it has the much coveted hard top as well.

Hopefully this doesn’t go into a collector’s garage and instead gets driven because it needs to be enjoyed. It’s like buying the happiest puppy in the world and locking it up in a cage to be looked it. You just wouldn’t!

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