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Growing up there were many cars which pulled at the heartstrings, but only a handful did it quite like the Ferrari F355. Launched in 1994 it put right any wrongs the 348 committed and elevated itself to the new era of Ferraris—ones that could be confidently driven further and more regularly than any Ferrari before it (at the time).

But it’s those proportions that are so achingly perfect combined with the sound, open gate manual gearbox, and thrilling performance that edged it towards perfection.

Yes, ownership doesn’t come cheap so these folks should be applauded for getting out there and driving. No low milers!

There’s not much to know about qoo348 from Osaka, Japan apart from the fact he seems to own the silver F355 in his posts and does a good job of capturing it on camera. Hopefully much more to follow.

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A post shared by Qoo355 (@qoo348) on features a wide variety of vehicles on his page but it’s the Ferrari F355 which you’ll be spotting. Not afraid to mix European, JDM, and US vehicles he’s our kind of Instagrammer. Oh, and he’s got THE coolest numberplate too.

When you're the best of friends #mr2 #sw20 #toyota #f355 #ferrari #ferrarichallenge #jdm #speedhunters #fca

A post shared by From The Beginning ( on

There are literally not enough superlatives to describe Sam’s account. Or his life. Or the vehicles he has amassed. Know that $13M Rolls Royce Sweptail? That’s his, as well as any and every supercar and hypercar you could ever desire. The great thing is his passion for them all shines through as he gets out there and drives them all, including his beautiful Ferrari F355 F1 GTS.

Bryan Chin is another whose life is filled with supercar wonders and his yellow F355 gets a regular look in. He’s also not afraid to mix European with JDM, making for a very entertaining Instagram account.

f355nut from Belgium is truly an F355 nut if his collection holds true: a stunning red F355 GTS and a F355 Spider in silver. There are plenty of driving pics so it’s fantastic to see both cars getting regular use.

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