Destinations: The best car museums in Italy

First time traveling through Italy? Right then, time to tick some museum boxes, and as far as boxes being ticked these are the ones that matter.

Central Italy (basically Modena and Bologna!)

Ferrari Museums

If you have limited time, then it has to be both Ferrari museums. That’s right, there are two a shuttle distance apart and both are worth visiting. The Museo Enzo Ferrari is wonderfully curated with exceptional environmental graphics and art as well as being housed in an architecturally designed enclosure. It delves into the life of Enzo Ferrari and history of the marque.

The Museo Ferrari Maranello is where you’ll also see plenty of cars from the past right up to today, as well as looking at the extensive racing history and the chance to sit in an F1 simulator amongst other things.

Italy is Ferrari and Ferrari is Italy.

Museo Enzo Ferrari

Enzo Ferrari Museum Italy

Enzo Ferrari Museum Italy

Museo Ferrari Maranello

Ferrari Maranello Museum Italy

Ferrari Maranello Museum Italy


Lamborghini Museum

If you can keep some time up your sleeve then why not visit the Lamborghini museum, it is after all only down the road from the Ferrari museum. Not as striking as the Ferrari museum it nevertheless captures the spirit of Ferruccio Lamborghini and his creations. Plenty of one-off, concept cars, exhibitions, and other activities should make it worthwhile.

Lamborghini Museum Italy

Lamborghini Museum Italy


Ducati Museum

Yes a Ducati is not a car but even if you’re not into bikes, you can’t ignore the beauty and passion of Ducati and this is proudly on display at their well curated museum in Bologna right near the Ferrari and Lamborghini museums. Many British, Australian, and American racers have catapulted the Italian marque to greatness on the circuit and it’s interesting to see that on display as well as their stunning road bikes. Don’t miss the opportunity.

Ducati Museum Italy


Northern Italy (basically Turin!)

Alfa Romeo Museum

The relatively new Alfa Romeo museum in Turin deserves equal recognition, after all it has a longer history than that of Ferrari and produced equally mesmerising road and race cars over the years. A beautiful facility worth visiting if only for the likes of the stunning 33 Stradale and numerous race cars.

Alfa Romeo Museum Italy


Pininfarina Museum

While you’re in Turin, check out the Pininfarina museum. The design firm is famous for many of Ferrari’s most celebrated models but also plenty others for the likes of Alfa Romeo, Peugeot, and Mitsubishi. Yes, Mitsubishi. You’ll also find plenty of other non-automotive products the firm has designed over the years.

Important: visits must be booked and can be done so through the following details (check the website for further information).

Silvana Appendino
Tel. +39 011 9438104

Pininfarina Museum Italy


National Automobile Museum

Still in Turin, if you haven’t had enough of car museums the highly rated Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile is worth a consideration. More of a generalised car museum, it plots the history of the automobile educating you along the way with some notable examples on display and is very well executed.

Museo dell Automobile Italy

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