The best BMW E46 M3 Instagrammers

The first BMW M3, the E30, will always find a place in the heart of enthusiasts. It was brought to light at an amazing time in automotive history with homologation specials being built the world over, and enthusiasts benefitting in every way imaginable.

Since then we’ve seen the E36, E46, E90/92, and now the F80/82 but out of those I’m venturing a bet that it’s the E46 which will be most desirable in the coming years. Not only does it strike the perfect balance of analog feeling and modern performance, it’s also the last of the naturally aspirated in-line six cylinder engines, and the only model to carry the CSL name after the 3.0L CSL of the 1970s. It also helps the E46 M3 has such classic proportions.

Take a trip on the wild side with vin_tra, marketer for Hoonigan, so you know his feed is never going to be boring! His M3 sees plenty of track work so it’s certainly no show pony.

This is the account of csl_dna and what stunner it is. His photography is increasingly beautiful, it will be one to watch for sure.


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Speaking of photography, start flicking through the account of pb_e46 and you’re going to very quickly stumble across some wonderful photos of a tastefully modified M3, and plenty of photos that do it justice.


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Jan Uary (just4jans) is very active in putting his M3 on the circuit. Plenty of track day pictures but also plenty of ambient shots show that he’s got a great driving lifestyle!

What I used to spend on you I spend on me #emiliathem3

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