The best automotive YouTube channels

The way we consume media has continued to evolve and thanks to YouTube, we now have plenty of quality automotive channels at our disposal. I’ve assembled in alphabetical order a diverse set of channels all which offer something a little different:


Geek time. Larry from Ammo is THE man when it comes to car detailing. His videos are very polished (no pun intended) for something like car detailing, he has access to some of the rarest cars in the world, and he’s always sharing his knowledge, mistakes, and thoughts. The videos are mostly instructional and he even has a masterclass series.

Auto Top NL

AutoTopNL is all about the point of view (POV) style which gives a great impression of actually being in the drivers seat. They also frequently visit German autobarns resulting in many click baiting top speed and acceleration runs. They are also quite knowledgeable when they do review a car be it in Dutch or English.


The early days of Carfection saw it branded as XCar, lead by Alex Goy. Good production and excellent presentation, it didn’t quite compete with the Chris Harris’s and EVOs at the time. Since being branded to Carfection and the inclusion Henry Catchpole things have improved dramatically for it to be one of the best automotive channels on YouTube with cinematic pieces and odes to all things us enthusiasts love.

Car Throttle

College boy humour is what you need sometimes and Car Throttle delivers in spades thanks to presenter Alex Kersten. With a distinctive delivery, Alex is all too ready for a satirical take on cars, car life, the industry, and car people. Well produced, they do have more serious stuff and it is just as engaging. The cars featured are mostly very attainable which makes it even more watchable.

Cars With Luke

Only one vlogger on this list and with good reason. Most of the well known vloggers come across as silver spoon douchebags but Luke is just a really good photographer and videographer living in one of the most scenic parts of the world in Switzerland, and friends with many a supercar owner. His videos are of an incredibly high standard and considering he does it all himself it’s very impressive. The fact he comes across as a really genuine person also helps.

Donut media

Want some automotive facts, reviews, insights, and opinions delivered MTV style? Step forward Donut Media. Fast paced, self deprecating, and highly visual their videos have amassed over 200,000,000 views with over 1.5m subscribers.

Doug DeMuro

Want to tickle your curiosity about a car? Let Doug takes you through, in his words “the quirks and features” of often highly desirable or rare cars. An everyday man, Doug is obviously a real enthusiast and his fascination with every car he reviews shines through.

Harry’s Garage

Harry Metcalfe was the founder of EVO magazine, one of the most influential and successful motoring magazines in the world. Since moving on from EVO he has created Harry’s Garage (along with other business interests) where he reviews his own and other unique, expensive, or rare cars. His knowledge is incredible and being so well connected within the industry he often gives many entertaining behind the scenes anecdotes.

Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay is one of those people that thankfully don’t make us enthusiasts all look like uneducated bone heads. He’s humble, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, respectful in that typical American way, and with a career in comedy and hosting, is always entertaining. He’s often more appreciative of cars with a soul, that speak to the driver than the latest hypercar, and always has on interesting people.


Petrolicious changed the way car stories were produced for online audiences. High production values and a focus on owners’ stories makes for engaging viewing. At times it can get a bit melodramatic with no enough detail on the cars themselves, but their dedication to unsurfacing unique and quirky cars makes it always entertaining.

Roads Untraveled

Canadian group Roads Untraveled have a mix of content but usually it’s something to do with a modified car with silly horsepower. Presenter Marcus has an approachable delivery never pretending to be anything else than an enthusiast that’s trying to convey what he’s feeling as he drives. They do their research too.

Top Gear / Chris Harris Drives

We all can’t get enough of Harris as he effortlessly and entertainingly translates mechanical, technical, brand, and of course performance through to the viewer. Chris Harris Drives is the ‘real’ Harris as opposed to the Top Gear presenter persona. There are other presenters on Top Gear also very watchable on the channel with their own style.

44 Teeth

Even if you’re not a motorcyclist you can’t help but enjoy the honest and humorous adventures of Fast Bikes journalist Alastair Fagan and vlogger Chris, aka Baron von Grumble. Budget bike battles, tours through the alps, helpful reviews all while having a laugh making it feel like you’re watching a couple of buddies rather than a channel viewing for viewership. Probably the most down to earth channel on this list.



EVO used to be THE go to channel for top quality automotive content with the likes of Chris Harris, Jethro Bovington, Harry Metcalfe, Henry Catchpole all contributing to its success. However since those characters have left, the videos have been reduced to the track only reviews, punctuated by auction streams.


Dan Prosser and Matt Prior are the two culprits mostly in charge of reviews at Autocar. Both give a practical approach to reviewing preferring to err on the side of consumer advice than entertainment. That’s not to say the videos aren’t entertaining to watch as they get plenty of access to the latest cars.

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