Belstaff collab for the Long Way Up Collection

There will be plenty with access to Apple TV+ who are following the exploits of Charley Boorman and Ewan McGregor as they embark on yet another adventure, this time on electric motorcycles for the Long Way Up. Belstaff have been part of their journeys from the very beginning almost 20 years ago and have released the Long Way Up Collection which features both on-bike and off-bike clothing.

Off-bike collection

The off-bike collection features input from both McGregor and Boorman. McGregor added the check lining in the classic four-pocket field jacket and blouson in waxed cotton as well as the full-grain leather Montana jacket. Along with the jackets there are t-shirts, caps, crew neck sweats, and more.

Long Way Up Field Jacket

£495 ($902.57)
Shop the Field Jacket

Long Way Up Blouson

£450 ($820.52)
Shop the Blouson

Long Way Up Montana Jacket 

£725 ($1321.95)
Shop the Montana Jacket

On-bike collection

The Belstaff on-bike collection features more inputs from the lads. Boorman’s jeans feature armoured fibre denim by Dyneema and D3O knee hip and knee armour. Ewan’s Pro Jacket has a tonne of features with McGregor tartan lining the jacket, of course. There are other more dedicated pieces in the range such as trousers and rain gear.

McGregor Pro Jacket

£695 ($1267.25 AUD)
Shop the McGregor Pro Jacket

Charley Denim Jeans

£375 ($683.77)
Shop the Charley Denim Jeans

Long Way Up Jacket

£1,250 ($)
Shop the Long Way Up Jacket

    1. Hi Simon,
      Not sure what you mean by “access” (I don’t import them if that’s what you mean) but if you’re interested in the Belstaff Long Way Up cap you can order directly from Belstaff for £40 ($72.64 AUD) but there is also an additional international shipping fee of £25 ($45.40 AUD) to factor in. Hope that helps.

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