Bellroy’s new antimicrobial range adds extra protection

It might be easy to assume given the title that Bellroy’s latest range is some anti-viral Covid fighting series of super wallets but in truth it doesn’t really have much to do with protecting customers from bacteria.

What this new range from Bellroy is all about is their use of HeiQ V-Block, a Swiss antimicrobial technology that protects textiles from degradation caused by microorganisms as well as inhibiting the growth of bacterial odours. In essence the product will retain its quality and integrity for longer. It’s hypoallergenic too and uses cosmetic grade, bio-based ingredients.

HEIQ are quick to point out that the “product does not protect users or others against bacteria, viruses, germs or other disease organisms. Always clean the product thoroughly after each use.”

The range consists of 17 different products so just about most of Bellroy’s line up. Currently the technology is only available in Basalt colour.

So if you like your things clean and to remain clean and protected, check out the HeiQ V-Block Bellroy range first.

Visit Bellroy for more.

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