Bellroy X Qantas are a perfect match

Bellroy qantas work folio

Two great Australian brands collaborating is pure joy. There aren’t too many internationally recognised Australian brands these days. The demise of Holden as a maker of cars has put a huge dent in the identity of Australian products. These days start ups get all the limelight, and it’s left to the likes Atlassian to forge a path for big business.

Bellroy X Atlassian doesn’t quite conjure up the same romantic notions as Bellroy’s collaboration with Qantas does! Luxury, travel, and dedication to quality and service, both companies have it in spades.

Just released are these special edition Qantas carry items from Bellroy in a unique colour exclusive to Qantas. And what a colour it is!

The Travel Folio, Note Sleeve, Work Folio A5, Travel Wallet, and Folio Wallet are all part of the collection.

Visit Bellroy to shop.

Travel Folio

Bellroy qantas travel folio

Note Sleeve

Bellroy Qantas wallets note sleeve

Work Folio A5

Bellroy qantas work folio

Travel Wallet

Bellroy qantas travel wallet

Folio Wallet

Bellroy qantas folio wallet

Visit Bellroy to shop.

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