Bellroy release their slick Apex collection

Bellroy have gone all out to create a new set of carry and travel items to get you salivating over, called the Apex range.

Consisting of a wallet, passport cover, and backpack the Apex range is a whole new take on Bellroy’s highly successful minimalist wallets and accessories. 

Bellroy Apex Slim Sleeve

$189 (AUD)

Using precision-cut leather the Apex Slim Sleeve wallet has a stitchless construction with a magnetic closure trapping your important stuff inside. RFID protection and environmentally certified leather ticks more boxes. Squeeze the outside and the wallet pops open to reveal classic Bellroy compartments.

Check out the Bellroy Apex Slim Sleeve

Bellroy Apex Passport Cover

$249 (AUD)

Travel in 2020 will be frowned upon or indeed impossible in some countries but eventually things will return to normal. The Bellroy Apex Passport Cover uses the same design and construction philosophy as the wallet. Precision-molded leather for a stitchless construction with a magnetic closure, RFID protection and a micro pen for filling out those annoying customs cards on the plane. It’s designed to fit a standard passport and 2-4 cards.

Check out the Bellroy Apex Passport Cover

Bellroy Apex Backpack

$699 (AUD)

Using all their knowledge of reviewing and then making backpacks over the years, Bellroy have created the Apex Backpack. Created using water-resistant nylon, recycled body fabric, and environmentally certified leather the Apex backpack will appeal to those looking for the latest, most environmentally conscious backpack, while looking ultra modern at the same time. The magnet buttons and dual-access zips at the front make all your items easily accessible. 

Check out the Bellroy Apex Backpack

For more on the Apex range visit Bellroy.

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