Australia’s homologation specials: Mazda RX7 SP

The 80s and 90s in Australian motorsport were fantastic decades with many different manufacturers lining up for Group A and production racing. Eventually Group A gave way to V8 Supercars, while production racing morphed into GT3 racing.

For the early part of the 90s, the field was made up of Porsche’s, BMW’s, Mazda’s, Honda’s and many more showcasing cars closely linked to those you could buy off the showroom floor. This was the last iteration of ‘race on Sunday buy on Monday’ and made for interesting races where underdogs could surprise. 

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Although the series 6 Mazda RX7 wasn’t classified an underdog, it did have to go up against the mighty German marque of Porsche. And from 1992 to 1994 it did so successfully, claiming Bathurst 12 hour production car endurance race wins. Porsche initially fielded a 968 CS but in 1995 entered a more potent 911 (993) RS CS while BMW threw their E36 M3 R onto the circuit. 

It was because of these two German entries upping the ante that prompted Mazda Australia to produce its own limited edition weapon. 

1995 and Allan Horsley, then Mazda Motorsport boss, decided in order to continue to beat the best from Europe he needed to rework the RX7 in key areas to give it the best chance possible, especially as a factory backed Porsche team were running with a 911 RSCS. 

Under Australian homologation rules at the time entrants needed to provide 25 road going editions.

Image via Rice Racing

What this resulted in was absolutely stunning. Looking every bit a JDM special, this was a car that was ready to win. The intercooler, exhaust, ECU, brakes, 17” BBS wheels, and 4:3:1 diff were all upgrades over the stock car, along with a larger 110-litre carbon fuel cell. The commitment to light weight didn’t stop there with Recaro Kevlar seats, lightweight bonnet, carbon fibre front and spoiler with a Supra bating giant carbon fibre rear wing topping it all off. 

Image via Rice Racing

Power reached 204kW @ 6500rpm with torque figures of 357Nm @ 4600rpm.

Built by Daniel Deckers then head technician for Mazda Australia’s motorsport division responsible for the development of the SP, there was demand for more cars to be built, the final road car tally somewhere around the 32 mark according to Ausrotary

Image via Rice Racing

Second hand prices have been heading north over the years with the latest at auction via Shannon’s between $74,000 and $112,000 AUD. Currently there’s one on Carsales for sale asking $120,000. Clearly these are now in the realm of collectorsphere which usually means we won’t be seeing these much beyond an occasional cars and coffee event, if that. 

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