Aston Martin celebrates 70 years of Vantage

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Can you believe it’s been 70 years since Aston Martin first used the designation ‘Vantage’? In that amount of time the factory has produced over 36,000 cars with that illustrious name.

The DB2 Vantage was followed by the instantly recognisable DB4, DB5 and DB6 with the DB4 playing a part in a little movie franchise called ‘James Bond’. Interestingly, the car used in the film Goldfinger was more of a DB5 prototype.

The Vantage name continued through the years in a ‘hitman in a suit guise’ before being beautifully reborn in 2005 as the V8 Vantage, with visual cues that formed part of Aston Martin’s modern styling vernacular.

Today’s Vantage is an impressive, growling beast of a car and one of the last of its kind. Aston Martin recently gave customers the option of ordering one with a manual gearbox. Hurrah!

And let’s not forget all the other special Vantages in between.

Let’s hope the ethos continues well beyond any socio-political pressures.

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