AC Schnitzer tunes a 400hp Toyota Supra

AC Schnitzer must be relishing the chance to extend their portfolio beyond their longstanding relationship with BMW. Except in this case they aren’t really, but we’re not going to go there!

As most of the mechanicals in the new Supra are BMW engineered it falls straight into the hands of AC Schnitzer engineers who obviously know a thing or two about extracting more power from the German engines, having done so for 30 years.

And for the first time they have turned their hands to a Toyota.

What do we think of the wing? I’m not so sure it looks right, slightly at odds with the ducktail but one would think it’s designed for purpose more than looks. It’s also difficult to go past anything other than the mk4’s iconic and slightly ridiculous arcing rear wing. 

But where AC Schnitzer have focused their expertise is in the engine, extracting another few HP from the factory claimed 250 kW / 340 hp to max out at 294 kW / 400 hp. Torque is up as well from 500Nm to 600Nm. The big difference between AC Schnitzer and competitors will be the three year warranty on offer for the engine upgrade.

They also offer RS adjustable suspension which lowers the car and provides a wide range of compression and rebound damping, a stainless steel exhaust, and a range of wheel designs.

And lastly, aero add ons such as the aforementioned carbon rear wing and front splitter which both which get a 2 year warranty. You can also add engine styling to the mix with an engine cover that adds a bit more drama.

We’ve barely started seeing Supra’s on the road and it already seems like there a lot of options to improve on a car which was designed to be improved upon.

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