3 years on, the T3 Audi Design Centre by gmp is thriving

Design always was and always will be an important part of the success of any product, but increasingly into the future, the success of automotive products. As electrified vehicles offer little differentiation in the way they are powered and operated, car makers will be looking for other ways to excite customers. 

Audi’s T3 Design Center in Ingolstadt is set up to achieve just that. Designed by German architectural firm gmp, the center has been operational for three years and the firm’s founders recently went back to check in on its use. 

The advantage of Audi’s entire design division working under one roof means design and development is expedited, integrated, with better outcomes. Employees have reported the new spaces help to foster creativity and ease of work.

Image // © Benjamin Antony Monn

gmp had the challenge of allowing enough light into the studios while retaining confidentiality of designs. The reflective folded planes and venetian blinds ensured both could be achieved.

Collaboration is a huge part of any modern design team and in the automotive sector there are life-sized scale models to consider. gmp needed to create both the space for these as well as other collaborative environments such as more secluded areas for quiet time or deep thinking and used CAD visualisation alongside conventional model building.

There are other areas as well such as a cafe and places for gatherings, product launches or exhibitions.

Working at the T3 Audi Design Centre sound like an awesome place to be.

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