17 Christmas gift ideas for guys from cheap to expensive

There’s no face masks and shaving creams on this list. This is the Privateer Garage Christmas list, full of auto inspired stuff you want and other things to make your life more exciting. From the cheaper items all the way to more high end things, these are some ideas you may not have thought of.

And yes, we’re going to start off with some Privateer Garage merch!

PG caps

These cotton twill caps feature PG embroidery, buckle closure, classic baseball fit, with the Privateer Garage motto of “No Low Milers” inside. 

Price: from $25 AUD ($18.26 USD / £13.74)

Shop the Privateer Garage caps

PG shirts

Yep, we’ve got original Privateer Garage t-shirts ready for Aussie summer (or if you’re brave, a northern winter!). These are all in small numbers and won’t be printed again.

Price: from $25 AUD ($18.26 USD / £13.74)

Shop all Privateer Garage t-shirts

Heel Tread socks

Heel Tread socks Spy Pack

Heel Tread do some cool socks covering all kinds of cars and themes. The coolest probably their James Bond 007 influenced Spy Pack collection. 

Price: $74.00 AUD ($55.00 USD / £41.00 GBP)

Shop Heel Tread socks

Road Rat magazine subscription 

The Road Rat magazine review

Probably the best of the non-brand specific independent magazines started by Coldplay guitarist and fan of all things cool, Guy Berryman. Quality in print, photography, writing, everywhere, the Road Rat is a magazine you keep.

Price: 4 Issues $87.12 AUD ($63.76 USD / £48.00 GBP)

Shop the Road Rat magazine subscription

Duck and Whale magazine subscription 

Stack of Duck & Whale Porsche magazines

We’re big supporters of print despite being a website and one of our favourite mags is Duck and Whale by Lee Dean. If he’s into Porsche’s, he’s going to love a subscription. 

Price: 1 Year (4 issues) $119.80 AUD ($89.70 USD / £66.00 GBP)

Shop the Duck and Whale magazine subscription

Bellroy Note Sleeve

Green Bellroy Note Sleeve on a white background

Bellroy have mastered everyday carry. Start off with one of their wallets and you’ll be hooked by the quality of product and experience. 

Price: $129.00 AUD ($94.50 USD / £71.00 GBP)

Shop the Bellroy Note Sleeve

Sparco Speedcat driving shoes

Sparco Speedcat Sneakers Driving Shoes

Driving shoes can be super luxurious, causal, or sporting. The luxurious ones can be worn almost anywhere. Want more? Discover 19 of the best driving shoes on the market.

Price: $140.00 AUD ($100.00 USD / £87.00 GBP)

Shop the Sparco Speedcat driving shoes

Porsche Crest cufflinks

Porsche Crest Cufflinks against a white background

A 911 as a present? Maybe not, but something from the Porsche Driver’s Selection catalogue like these enamel Porsche Crest cufflinks on 925 sterling silver, with partial gold plating is probably a little bit more realistic.

Price: $154.70 AUD ($100 USD / £75.00 GBP)

Shop the Porsche Crest cufflinks

Book: Steve McQueen – In His Own Words

Steve McQueen In His Own Words book cover

We will never cease to be fascinated by Steve McQueen and his life, and there’s now another book celebrating it through Steve’s own words matched to classic imagery.

Price: $185.00 AUD ($95.00 USD / £71.00 GBP)

Shop the  Steve McQueen – In His Own Words book

LEGO Technic Porsche 911 RSR

LEGO Porsche 911 RSR on a white background

Sitting in the middle ground of the cheaper LEGO Technic car sets and the most expensive Bugatti Chiron ($599.99 AUD) is the Porsche 911 RSR LEGO Technic set. A hell of a lot more fun than a jigsaw puzzle (and way cooler).

Price: $249.99 AUD ($149.99 USD / £139.99 GBP)

Shop the LEGO Technic Porsche 911 RSR

PlayStation 5 with Gran Turismo

Sony Playstation 5 console and controller on a white background

The recently launched PlayStation 5 takes gaming to a new level. With new games announced regularly and with Gran Turismo 7 coming out in the new year, it’s going to be a guaranteed hit. 

Price from: $599.00 AUD ($399.99 USD / £71.00 GBP)

Shop the PlayStation 5

Go Pro Hero 9

Go Pro Hero 9 Black on a white background

Record childish antics. And other action adventures. The Go Pro Hero 9 is the latest from the action cam company and has some impressive capabilities.

Price: $699.95 AUD ($449.99 USD / £439.00 GBP)

Shop the Go Pro Hero 9

Tamiya Avante buggy

Tamiya Avante RC Buggy against a white background

Building any kind of RC car and racing it is rewarding, but somehow even more fun when it’s a vintage re-issue of a Tamiya buggy like the Avante.

Price: $730.00 AUD ($692.00 USD / £439.00 GBP)

Shop the Tamiya Avante buggy

DJI Mini 2 drone

DJI Mini 2 drone against a white background

Record childish antics from above. And other travel adventures.

Price: $749.00 AUD ($449.99 USD / £429.99 GBP)

Shop the DJI Mini 2 drone

Bennett Winch Weekender bag

Bennett Winch weekender holdall bag against a white background

Weekender bags are entirely functional yet have such a classic style they never look out of place. Get a good one, fill it up, and head off on that road trip. The Bennett Winch Weekender is all class, hand-made in England, and covered by a lifetime promise.

Price: $1050.00 AUD ($830.00 USD / £575.00 GBP)

Shop the Bennett Winch Weekender bag

TAG Heuer Gulf Formula 1 chronograph

TAG Heuer Gulf Formula 1 chronograph against a white background

The combination of a TAG Heuer watch, Formula 1, and Gulf Racing is a trifecta for most car obsessed people. Luckily, that embodiment is realised with the TAG Heuer Gulf Formula 1 chronograph.

Price: $2,350 AUD ($1650.00 USD / £1350.00 GBP)

Shop the TAG Heuer Gulf Formula 1 chronograph

Rimowa Watch Case

Rimowa watch case

If watches are his thing, Rimowa’s case is a great edition for carrying a selection when traveling. 

Price: $2,969.00 AUD ($2,050.00 USD / £1,490.00 GBP)

Shop the Rimowa Watch Case

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