12 car related things to do on a rainy day

If you’ve ever planned for a nice drive on the weekend but it’s raining, here are some car related things as a substitute to keep you busy and entertained. 

1. Do a dry/waterless wash 

No more excuses! All you need is a little bit of space to move around your car. Plenty of products to choose from like AMMO FROTHe Hoseless Lift. Check out the AMMO video to see it’s inception and how it works.

2. Clean your interior

More cleaning. We spend all our time inside the car when driving, so why not have it immaculate? Lots of products out there to make it look like new again. You may even find some coins under the seat…

3. Fix something

Got a garage, toolkit, and space? All you need now is something to fix! If you’ve got a classic car, there will always be something needing a fix. Or perhaps there’s something you can take off and inspect or clean.

4. Watch a car or bike influenced film or documentary (again)

Bullitt. Start there. Charley Boorman also just announced the Long Way Up with Ewan McGregor is forthcoming. Now is a perfect time to binge watch the first two adventures!

5. Play a game

Not charades, I’m talking GT Sport, Need For Speed, Forza Horizon, Project Cars etc. Unless you’re stuck on a Sega Master System, then it’s Out Run for you.

6. Read a book

Become an expert on anything or simply entertain yourself. Don’t wait for Amazon, go to a book store and buy a book, or get a kindle edition if you must (but it’s not the same).

7. Buy some gear

Shop for some new driving gear and don’t forget to check out the Privateer Garage store for t-shirts, posters, and caps. 

8. Plan an epic trip away

A twisty section of Queenstown to Glenorchy Road climbing up a mountain side with snow capped mountains in the background.

Travel is a fantastic remedy for anything and even better when it’s in good company in or on the right vehicle. Find some roads nobody knows about. Explore!

9. Go indoor karting

Indoor karting centre with karts racing around a circuit.

This is an easy one. 

10. Make a model

Visit your local hobby shop and grab a model of a car you’d like to own. There’s nothing like building a model to know a car (except building the real thing of course!).

11. Buy an RC car and race a friend

Game on fellas! Tamiya have a huge range of road and offload cars and buggies, so start there. The build might take longer than a day but it’s totally worth it!

12. Drive anyway!

It’s only a bit of water. Sure you might not go the pace you were hoping for, but learning to drive safely in the wet is a skill worth having. Instead, grab some good tunes and enjoy the ride. Besides, somewhere it isn’t raining, you just need to rethink where to go.

Got any other car or bike related ideas for a rainy day?

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